Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Mexicans learn to Shred

Salim and Israel are two cousins that i go to school with, Salim and I are in the same class and pretty good buddies. They're both from Mexico City and I doubt they had seen snow before a month ago. They were so stoked to learn how to ride, so after class got cancelled, and there was 5 inches in town, we went on a little adventure.
Anna came along for some shredAnna borrowed my coat and took her turnsAll she did was get my nice new coat dirty, and make me smileSalim already looks proThese girls were making a snowoman that had defined lady partsThis is so French, walking home and you run into a protest full of teachers and studentsOn day 2 israel came a long and was an even quicker learner than SalimSeriously.... first daySecond day 180Sending photos home to the fami got my turns too, back1 front dirteven the chinese kids were stokedmy little worker bees, building a kicker for masterwe're still learning some thingsall smiles
Will Mexico give up??? NEVER!!!!!

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