Thursday, October 27, 2011

TF skate night

a nice exhausting private skate after a nice exhausting day of work... love itand James got a hammer

AMMO Premier

it's been a while but the ammo premier was a blast, here's some photos that didn't make the press release. as always e-mail me for any bigger files - Brad

The intern crew
RoTY candidate Dylan and Hobush reaping the rewards

Don brown is the fucking man 'nuff said
point in case... employee rivalry
too cooked to skate
the cookie shuffle
these MC's
knock knock... who's there... spencer with a bunch of horribly wonderful jokes
the beeramid...

which cook thought looked to perfect...that's betterbrewster and castro puttin the hurt on some beers

the boss Ashton

this kid's overcrooks were on-point, super nice and fun kid to shoot withSimon's kit was spot on for the theme that night
Marbens part in Shoot the Moon is ALLLL TIME, see it
Legend status
hondo got locked up in the bar
hobush crail
and backlip
sorry this kids' was better
there were humans

debs my intern-mate

the former intern group of bartenders + Don Brown

front blunt, hondo lurkin
James was trading phone #s for beers all night

Saturday, October 15, 2011


the family came down to dana point and we spent a week hangin out, goin to disney land, beachin and enjoying the red tide.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boise Skate

Shots from March