Saturday, March 28, 2009

There Will Always Be Something About McConkey

Yesterday I got some bad news from fellow winter enthusiast Alison Haaker <----- look look i spelled it right!!! That one of my longitme heros Shane McConkey died yesterday in Italy.

I first heard about shane from Ryan Hoyt around 2002, when he showed me the 2000 film, "There's Something About McConkey" I was instantly hooked.

Over time he became my favorotie skier for his parts in Push, his James Bond styled segment in Seven Sunny Days, and his innovations in skiing including the first reverse camber ski the volant spatula, which led the way to what has now become a storm of reverse camber snowboards.

My dream of ski-baseing with him someday, has now died with him. But McConkey will be with us forever. here are some articles and videos from this wonderful man.

ESPN Article

His Jump this year off the brand new Whistler Peak 2Peak Gondola

Bond style intro from Seven Sunny Days

Norway Windsuiting from Seven Sunny Days AMAZING if you can find in HD!!!

Some clips of There's Something About McConkey This does not do the film justice, it's the best ever

Friday, March 27, 2009

hooray for Portland!!

Just glanced over to the Portland Timbers page, and to my surprise...

Guess who's going to be the 18th MLS team!! hell yeah timbers.

so everyone get on over to Rose City as this is the last year that Portland will be playing in the USL. 2011 marks their entrance into the MLS and an overhall on PGE park, it will be a tough few seasons acclamating to MLS level of play, but stick with 'em.

So, question. do you think the MLS should adopt the English Premier League's Relegation rule??? as in the bottome 3 go down and the top 3 from the USL come up, each year??? EPL has 20 clubs, while Portland now makes the MLS 18.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

60p ultra definition!!!

i found this vid today on the skatefairy site,

they have two videos up that are shot at 60p

FYI: HD tvs project at anywhere from 24-60p. this p kind of equals frames per second, although the Red One is also known to shoot at 120fps.

so this is basically the some of the raddest that footage can get, you computer might not even play this thing right, but if it does, you'll know.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's defnitely spring time

You know its spring time when.....

The number of beers you drink is greater than the number of park laps you take. The snow is so heavy by the afternoon that powder only exists from 8-10 am. You spend more time watching the liverpool match than actually snowboarding.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women Love Stephen

Many of you are familiar with The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert's comical presentation of the news. It's great, has been for a while now, and he even spawned a move "Man of the Year" featuring Robin Williams, based on situations like his.

Anyway, it came to my attention that my female friend Allison Haker is in love with Stephen Colbert, and after watching a recent episode, i realized he is not alone. I took this screenshot of the episode.

(Mac users!! you can take a picture of your desktop by pushing command(or apple depending on your version) + shift + 3. this will instantly save a picture of whatever your computer looks like at that moment straight to your desktop as a jpg. pretty cool)Seriously!!!! can you even see another man besides colbert and the band??

either he hand picks his audience or young politically interested girls in need of a laugh are beating each other to death to get tickets to see Colbert.

Only the French

So, if nordic skiing wasn't your thing, you're too extreme, the french have come up with something to bridge the gap.

Check it out!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

pomegranate update

after some skeptical comments, and my own thoughts, and a little bit more google research.

the pomegranate is fake!!!!

it is a well placed marketing strategy employed by Nova Scotia's tourism board.

but poorly placed. one must click on release date on the pomegranate site, to be transported to the REAL reason behind all the fancy web design.

playing off of everyone's interest in new phones and all in ones, but failing to express their intentions to a wide audience. cool idea though.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pomegranate phone

If this this thing is real, i'm scared.

I'm not sure i was built for this century, i can't imagine using this thing.

pomegranate phone

Monday, March 2, 2009


Not sure who's heard yet, but Tamarack, our favorite new resort will be closing its shutting down lifts and closing doors permanently on Wednesday.

I will miss Tamarack's dedication to snowboarding, specifically their dedication to providing a great park late into the season.

at least they cleared the paths for us, no we can play golf this summer on an abandonned course.

KTVB Channel 7

spokesman article


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hey everyone, as some of you may know i recently trekked up to norway for the Oakley Arctic Challenge, one of snowboardings most legendary contests.

I ended up having the pleasure of writing an article for covering the event and snapping some photos.

Please go check out my yobeat article and for that matter the entire yobeat site, cause its awesome.

I had to cut about 10,000 words of what i originally wrote and drop a few dozen photos, so i might make a more thorough post on here in a few days.