Wednesday, September 9, 2009


per request, here is a little video and some shots from a little overnighter we took up to tarek's cabin and then to mccall's Harshman skatepark the next morning.

mccall harshman from brad jameson on Vimeo.

mmmm back 50 through the little corner
everyone loves a train, i wish we had the shots of our train at caldwell though, that one was tighter, and had 4 people at times, much more fun
tarek in the ida-bowl
back 50
i wish i could say back lip, but i'm pretty sure this ended badly
whoever had this camera liked taking pictures of jeff with no shirt, i wonder who that would be ash-go
striking figure
tuck knee, best grab in skating, save the crail
trying indies off hip, but if i didn't tell you he bailed, you probably thought shove-it-stalefish right??
watch out charlie, ciara's got her eyes on jeff's swassy
someone's cool
fuck just back 50 it to rub it in
dick, i get it, you're better than me
overkill on the oververt
he does have the best standup carve out there
told ya.
he wishes
i could tell you he stuck it, but that would be a lie, it looks sick though, next time, or maybe he already got it by the time i put this up
next time's mission, 50-50 drop to 50-50, oh so sick, ooohhh just thought of a new one 50-50 drop to rock'n'roll

just imagine
see, again with the no shirt thing,

the crew minus tarek
skate chat
hangin out
lots of sitting going on
jesus, this isn't a sit park, get up and make somethin of yourself
mmm girl
mmm charlie pre shoulder slam
charlie's laughing right now, i can tell you
lovin life
hating the door
mmmm, sunglasses
finger-sit flips
get barreled
always smilin
pop a squat
not a real 5-0 but next time
way to close, thanks for whoever snapped this one
frontside the cornerfor the ladies
makin the judges happy