Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First worthy snow/Mexican night

We've had a few snows here in Chambery, but nothing worth mentioning, only 1cm or so. But recently we woke up to covered rooftops, difficult and soggy walks to school and wonderful walks home in the night. This was also Mexican night at Hilde's where Salim and Isreal our boys from Mexico City, prepared us some real Mexican tacos/fajitas.
So here's a few photos from all of the above.This was the view out the window, my first real French snow

Just so you can see the flakes

The flakes in the lamps on the streetsAll the streets are lined with things like thisThe kitchenSarah hates pictures of herselfHilde and Simon, probably youtube'n somethinWalks home through the park are so lameNo one wants to pay attention with snow outside

Salim about 10 seconds before we found out class was cancelled caus Mme. Bonet couldn't make it through the snow, which led to my next blog post, Salim learns to Snowboard

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