Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fette des Lumières (Winterfest Part 2)

Simon and I were slightly rushed getting back home, so we left after just a short chat with his parents. We drove back down through the storm, through clous, i napped, probably snored. And arrived at my apartment around 4 pm. I went in for a quick shower and ran over to the bust stop at the prefecture to catch our ride to Lyon for the Festival of Lights. I napped again for about a half hour on the bus and we still hadn't left chambery. everyone else was on the other bus except Emma, Alison and Leslie. so we finally left. I napped again, and awoke pulling into Lyon around 6. we hopped out and proceeded to not know where the heck we were, what we were doing or where were supposed to go.

After finding a hot dog stand and getting some dinner, we followed the crowd to a massive square, the center of the party, and proceeded to enjoy the fette des lumieres for the night.

Always good to come across something like thisThese were French Native Americans, hmm, i don't know how that works but whatevsThis was the centre of town, a massive square with this ferris wheelAnna is so photogenicIt was pretty cool
Europa Rad, it's just that simple. This was the giant dangling-fish-light thing, probably the coolest one we stumbled across.and it changed colorsEverybody was stoked on itSarah and Anna being stoked on each other
Simon eyeing exotic men's underwear, this 5o-something french couple walked by and she dragged her man back to look at them, and I asked her if she liked any of themVin chaud is awesome, just like the name says its hot wine, but with some fruit in it sometimesI guess the guy at the cotton candy place really liked EmmaSimon's was taller but still not as big as Emma's
Simon stoked on his find
Hilde told us that cotton candy is also called Grandfather's Beard or something like that in Norwegian.
To each his own GrrrrrCoolest idea for a restaurant/bar ever!!! this place was packedSweet Onion chicken Teriyaki's on Parmesan Oregano, just aren't the same in FranceSalim told me this photo looks like a face , i think it would be rad if my mouth glowedAnother fun thing to stumble across, but not when you're already coldMmmmm, warm food, Hilde picking and choosingAnna picked a Nutella WaffleDrinking, on the street, with your friends, next to police men and first aid people, legally, building next to our drinking spotThis is the same castle that i shot photos of in my earlier Lyon post
Emma and the castle
Anna and the church across the river, the church kept changing colors, but i couldn't get any good shotsRight after it took 12 cops to arrest one kid on a scooterAnd as always we ended up in the pub

After a brisk walk back to the bus, standing around for a half hour waiting, a long traffic jam drive back to Chambery, and an arrival at 3:30 am, a walk back to the apartment and a meal with Emma and Alison around 4:30, I did not get to sleep until 6 am.

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