Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Last Wendesday, on a whim, Anna and i hopped a train to Lyon to kill an afternoon. It's only about an hour away, but the ticket was 30€. We ended up running into a fire, finding a subway getting denied and finding another one so that i could eat my sweet onion chicken teriyaki, booyah. curiously named electric company in Lyon.This was a funky little fountain on a nice part of town, no cars allowed just a large walking area with shops and a little winter expose. This same expose was in chambery just a few days before, fake cross-country skiing for kids. lame. In chambery they did have a little slope for teaching kids how to, good crashes, oh yes, entertaining. Chambery however, did not have a fake tubing hill, which is a rad idea. Bummer sunset
This is a cool castle overlooking the town, more pictures of this castle in the Fette Des Lumières post.
It's got a nice little tower to accompany, overshadowed by construction.
same thing
this is a rad little bridge we crossed to get back to the train station, this is about 5 seconds before i jumped on it making it sway and the old french guy said somethin i didn't understand but will translate as «Little hooligan!»

A nice trip to kill sometime, got to do a little shopping too. Thanks Anna!

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