Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nights in Chambery

So i had the misfortune of leaving my tripod in the U.S. so I haven't been able to do as many night shots as i've wanted to, none the less, Anna and i took a night strool so i could take a few and they were funthis fountain is pretty cool, it runs during the day but at night the lights stay on, throws out a real cool turquoise glow around the buildings.this is Chateau de Ducs, it's the local castle of Chambery, this is the old side, the other side is modern and house the Consulate, this little corner has some other cool angles that i couldn't get without a tripod, so more to come
the same corner, from the steps of the castle, stock long exposure, not tough, just interesting
Anna found a cool little angle with the moon backlighting some chimney stacks, but again, no tripod, no shot
this is the most intriguing building i've found so far, it's cast in a really vivid blue outdoor light from the ground, and the second floor is lit with halogens, and the park right next door throws out this soft green streetlamp thing, so it's pretty vibrant, i've got some plans in mind for shots on this building that require a couple special things and a lot of time
thoughts, comments e´mail me

Fall in Chambery

okay, Anna and i took a hike over to a park where she went to school last year, it's pretty cool complete with a little mansion that doubles as a school, stable, pasture, cemetery, ?french reindeer? all sorts of rad stuff, at the same time there was about 300 kids running around for this inter-school relay challenge thing, here's what i shot
the top of the park, Anna admiring
this little church along the way
if you can tell me what this is you win a sucker
there were a bunch of horses around the stable area, this one was pretty stoked on Anna's grass pickings
hardcore haircut
no photoshopping here, not even auto levels, this tree stood out like... a really bright tree
this one does have a bit of photoshopping, and if anyone out there can tell me how to add a vignette i'd be stoked, the only way i know is right upon opening of the cf card from RAW

Shred Spot round 1

WOW! i've been blowing it on the posting front, sorry it's been 17 days since i posted anything, let's see last time i had nothing, now i'm better, class has started, i have some new friends, soon will be snowboarding, and yadda yadd.

so far i've found two urban spots worthy of a look, i forgot to snap a photo of the other
this is a new concert hall nearby, there are 8 of these starsets exiting all sides of the builing, some with dirt on either side, limits the gnar
the other is on campus, picture soon

Saturday, October 4, 2008


OK!! so i've been here 4 days now, things have not been smoothe but are now settling out, so good news there. i got a blanket and pillow today, sweet, so i'm not sleeping under my sweatshirts. no photos from around town yet, i've been a little lame, but i do have some of my room, which pretty much only my parents will enjoy cause they didn't know what they were paying for, roommate's name is lucas, he's a frenchie, he's never home, and i think he disappeared for the weekend



large desk and decent chair

our kitchen, one cupboard for lucas one for me, small fridge, two burner stove and a toaster

this little nook has some shelving, my sink and closet, lucas and i share une toillete and a shower

my own sink and mirror!!!! and a ??drying rack?? i'm not sure

this one got me in some trouble

this one is my favorite and i could talk about it for days

and this one is pretty radical on erik's part not mine