Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 2, Les Gets (Winter Fest Part 1)

I had been itching to ride again since i let Simon down the last time we made plans, and i ended up missing out on an apparently great day at Val Thorens. However, that day ended in a flat tire and a long wait, so missed out on that too.

So Simon and I were determined to get this thing goin on Saturday, we made plans on Monday and didn't see each other again until friday night at 11pm at a Bar! solidified the plans over a few beers and around 1 am decided we should go to bed if we were really going to get up at 6, be out of chambery by 7 at lifts with passes by 9 riding until 2, and leaving so we could be home to catch the bus to lyon at 5pm. WHEW!!! tight schedule.

So we were asleep by 2 up at 6:30 at my house by 7 slightly late, but still good. until i came downstairs with my gear to a dead car! engine turning over, lights were on, whats up? after searching around the deserted street at 7am on a saturday, down to the service station, simon ran down a french guy to give us a jump, on the road by 8! had to head back to simon's cause he forgot something, on the road by 8:30!!! got up to Clous and justout of clous had to put on chains, yeah there was some snow. got up to simon's parents place around 10....

The road into the Clinch chalet, 3 feet easy. that's the snowgun on the piste, shot from the garage

The cabin right behind there's yeah the chalet's pretty close, and it's right infront of a flat spot, so you get to see some pretty fun stuff when people get stuck

The trail from the chalet to the piste, 100m in 3 ft of snow, toughest bootpacking i've done since silverton last season.The only sun that came out, just as we left.

Rode mostly with Jo all day, who deserves a mention for killing it in such heavy snow. Great day, not a lot of people, still riding fresh on the last run. Almost too much snow. AWESOME second day! especially since we only rode one lift all day and there's 5 others on this side of the valley.

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Bri!!!! said...

no such thing as too much snow. jerk! jk i love you. looks like fun. lots of snow in denver today