Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thunderstorms, Birthdays and Football

and arsenal lost last night, lame

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a little bit of video i shot in Switzerland, pretty boring, but i shot it more for mum than anyone else.


This last week was our Easter vacation, it started out in Les Gets with 2 days of skiing with Simon and Sarah, it was the alst time i will see Jo, as she is leaving for the US for 2 months and will be returning just as i leave for home.

Came back and spent a few days with Emma and her Exeter friend Beth, we popped around to Aiguebellete lake onthe worst day possible. next day was in Lyon skating with Jean-Francois, while the girls sunbathed. met some really cool guys that absolutely shred mini ramp, like switch frontside three's, alleyoop frontside feebles, tre flips to fakie, all sorts of gnar stuff. I'll be seeing them again soon.

Then i got a package from the fam with a video camer and tons of easter candy. booyah. decided to take the two over to Simon's and play around, we decided to burn the Peeps bunnies and us the new cam to record it.

Please excuse the Catholic School Girl's foul tongue.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My bike

Today was a sad day for Rowdy, after a first rear tire replacement, the front one was slowly going as well. I noticed it but was not stoked to spend another 20 dollars replacing a tire on a bike that only cost 40 dollars. so i was determined to ride it till it's last.

if you take out the falling part and the riding an oldschool hi-wheel, this is what happened to my bike today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I hope this is a trend

There have been a few documentaries lately chronicling religious topics. The first one i saw a few months ago was bill Maher's "Religulous", which while interesting, was still a mock-umentary from a man based in comedy. way too biased, even in my opinion, it would interest me to see all of his footage given to church and re-edited and compare the two resulting films. none the less, i agree with him.

The second one which i have just stumbled across, ( which is actually 2 years older, and probably prompted Maher's documentary)but have only viewed about 20 minutes of, is "Jesus Camp" which is even more disturbing than Maher' film. if you ignore the pathetic "brain washing" titling, i think this video gives a good over view of the lunacy.
Highlights (or lowlights) from Jesus Camp

Maher's evenly populated debate on Jesus Camp

Religulous Trailer

Religulous full movie(fast flash streaming)

Jesus Camp full movie(slower, better quality divx streaming)

The jesus camp thing, and the way the kids interact with each other really reminds me of that family guy episode with the cult kids who are unics.