Tuesday, December 1, 2009

speaking of bikes

finally finished the road bike

5-speed commuter bike

Thank You thank you

over the break we had a great thanksgiving dinner with the whole family.

then my brother in law Dan decided i needed an early christmas present and handed me this frame and some odds and ends to start a bike buildup.

it's an '05 cannondale F4000 SL. Now i just need to spend about $600 on parts to get it built up to something resembling the original:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


a few weeks ago Mom, Dad, Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Sharyn came down to Durango. It was a great couple days, we did a bit of driving in the mountains and a little off roading, but we got to see some really beautiful places, and i got to show them the places and things i love about colorado.

i feel like i shouldn't be standing here.... avalanche path maybe??
silverton's pretty crowded
uncle ronnie is the man
don't you dare drop that, that film cam is my baby
window shopping
i think they bought the same thing

After a kind of long jeep trail up to the falls, come around a corner and bam!!! this dog was just hangin out with us at the falls
cliffs into town

Dad, Mom, Ronnie, Sharyn
yes that's a house up on top, with a cable car
these guys rock
some ice fell of the wall as this shot was taken, it was really loud
a storm's a comin

looking back down the canyon
hoottried to shoot the trees, but got caught
love this town
kind of tight
zen master
midway st. sophia stationi was back the next weekend to mtn bike this trail
love this ride, love this town, love this... love that



Never seen that before....

Back in CO

i forgot how pretty the sunsets are here and the colors as the sun sets in the desert

no photoshop here, just good old beauty

stadium seating for every evening


every year i have to make this epicly not fun drive, but it's always best in the fall. it's still warm, it's sunny, and you don't have to worry about homework yet. it's just me and a car full of my junk, trying to drive as fast as possible to durango.
it's basically all desert, the whole way, get used to it

but there's some good sights
wear some comfy clothes cause you're gonna be sitting in them for a while, my super bro driving outfitseriously, this place isn't that bad
again, no photoshop, it's that red, actually redder when you're standing on it


I have a really wonderful Aunt Wilma who lives in Greenleaf, Idaho. it's a bit out of the way and pretty isolated, so it's always fun to go see her. and despite her size, she's the most active little fireball of a woman i've ever met. seriously she could knock you out.
i bet draplin would love this, you know where you're at and who to respect when you see this outside
yeah she's my little auntie
it was great to see her again, as i barely kept in touch with her while i was in france
no photshopping here, it's really that beautiful and vibrant

fun stuff to take photos of lyin all around
rep your homeland

gangster lean

it's easy to get lost here, its fun

love this place
i think i'm standing a step below her too. and why do cats love me? feelings not mutual.