Friday, May 22, 2009


I thought it was hilarious when i stumbled across an internet addiction site that has a blog,

does that mean that in order to seek help you have to relapse??

ha, oh wow, funny.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This video is so lame! oh wait, that's me!

I went to the Tamarack website today to see what they had to say about them sucking, there was a link to an Idaho ski site, with a horrible video on the homepage (soul of skiing). it is the perfect example of cheery faced, smile-through-your-teeth marketing, it tries to cater to everyone it can in the most pathetically fake cheerful voice. I think it resembles everything i've come to hate about the french method of marketing and ski resorts and i am saddened it's made it's way to the states.


so here i am giggling at how lame this video is and that you can see Corey Mac in it after like 30 seconds when... wait... what... no!!! THERE I AM!!! no mistaking it, that's my signature grab-rail-method-euro-carve. but wait, that's totally wrong i don't have a green board! who is this impostor, wait is that a skate banana? it is~! so who has a..? GEORGE!!! but then that means this was shot in colorado not idaho, ha funny poorly advertised, wait no!!! George came to idaho and i rode his skate banana!! muah ahahaha i am genius man/.

although i do remember something about riding with someone who was taking stock footage, i searched my iCal, as i kept a pretty detailed riding journal last season, there was the day with George but no mention of filmers
Then i clicked back a few days and i see it, one day at bogus with Daniel and Corey Mac, last spring break, where i had taken Georges banana up when i drove to idaho, so he didn't have to fly it, borrowed it for a day and made some laps on the home hill.

All the little stories behind one shot in a randomly discovered video.

*Note: when i glanced at the bottom, where i used to keep track of notable stuff for the day, i realized this was just when i started relearning backside spins after mentally losing them to cab spins, and starting switch backside. then all this noseblunt nonsens, i thought i was an idiot for amoment, knowing full well that noseblunts don't really exist in snowboarding and a 180 into a noseblunt is not possible. until i rememberd that sweet little bank to mailbox corey had setup at the bottom.

I'll stop talking now about stuff no one cares about.


Check the adjoining video for more of corey mac's sweet back tail's, back 360's and so on, and i think puprle jacket is Phil?? not sure can't remember

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Finally had a proper birthday party, sweet BBQ, good weather, good people, lots of beverages and lots of walkin around town late at night.