Sunday, January 25, 2009

Talk time

It recently came to my attention that I forgot to put my phone number on here, i thought i had sent out an e-mail but apparently not.

so for anyone who felt like blessing me with a call, all they would have to do is drop into albertsons or equivalent and get an international calling card. Then (probably cheaper to use a landline) dial 011 33 6 87 51 63 50.

Keep in mind the 8 hour time difference, as in add 8 hours if you're in idaho, and don't call me at 5 am. as in you americans should call me when you get out of bed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starsky & Hutch

since finding starsky & hutch pinball online, i have been spending a decent amount of time enjoying this stellar game and dreaming of the day when i haven a pinball machine in my kitchen.

in the meantime you can try and beat my highscore of 62,397,500. Good Luck.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Writing Essays

so anytime one is writing essays, he also has a habit of finding really weird internet sites that usually involve games. Today i ran across this awesome pinball site!!! Lurking not too far in their ranked pinball games i found a stellar one Starsky & Hutch! it's so fun, it's super realistic and totally free, high scores aren't recorded but mine is 23,344,500. Go give it a play and see if you can beat me. I know Jamie Nicole Morton can.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Greatest New Years day ever

This man must have been so stoked on his fresh start to the new year.

Sorry Petey, but there goes your tuition money for next year, taken out of your account to cover an out-of-court-settlement.

Not for the kids, well kind of, it was fine for the kids on the chair

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years

New Years was a pretty stellar affair, two packed apartments full of Simon's cousins and lots of food. I'll try to do it just and keep it PG. All in all there was Simon, Sarah, Jo, Adam her boyfriend who had just arrived, Myself, Simon's parents John and Dorothy, Simon's cousins Rory with g/f Ruth, Pat with g/f Jules, Ruth with b/f Rob, and Jimmy with his mate Alex, plus their parents which i never even met. WHOOO!!! packed is all i can say about the dinner.

Les Gets put on another fireworks display for New Years which was pretty stellar.

Lee and I hangin out waitin for New year's dinner
Everyone kicing it in the Irish pub for New Years
Me and Simon's cuz Jimmy holdin it down like champs
Jo and Lee and I enjoying the free bar toys

Home by 3 am, zelda til 4 am, awake ad skiing fresh pow by 9, absolutely exhausted after a full day of shred.

New Years Day: Fresh snow everywhere, happy new year
Thank LEE for these photos of me.