Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walla Walla

mom, dad and i took a trip to walla wall, we got to have a little fun while dad worked on some stores
my mom's not a bad photog, front smith over the love
pretty fun park just ask chris prowler pirate
front 5-0 over the love
best bbq, my mom and i very happy, and some guy wishing he was part of the family
oh yeah it was tasty
lots of fun stuff to buy and fresh fruit, it wasn't london but it was ok
i like copper roofs on gazebos, they're sick
one of the most sweeping landscapes i'd seen in a while, i actually just hadn't been in colorado for a year so this felt nice

it was pretty obvious that this whole valley had burned out about 25 years ago

roadside berry picking
seriously backroads
dad's really not that bald it's just the light
streams are cool

hells canyon, the largest in the ?US? ?world? can't remember, wans't actually that impressive

but it was still worth a photo

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