Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have a really wonderful Aunt Wilma who lives in Greenleaf, Idaho. it's a bit out of the way and pretty isolated, so it's always fun to go see her. and despite her size, she's the most active little fireball of a woman i've ever met. seriously she could knock you out.
i bet draplin would love this, you know where you're at and who to respect when you see this outside
yeah she's my little auntie
it was great to see her again, as i barely kept in touch with her while i was in france
no photshopping here, it's really that beautiful and vibrant

fun stuff to take photos of lyin all around
rep your homeland

gangster lean

it's easy to get lost here, its fun

love this place
i think i'm standing a step below her too. and why do cats love me? feelings not mutual.

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