Tuesday, November 10, 2009


a few weeks ago Mom, Dad, Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Sharyn came down to Durango. It was a great couple days, we did a bit of driving in the mountains and a little off roading, but we got to see some really beautiful places, and i got to show them the places and things i love about colorado.

i feel like i shouldn't be standing here.... avalanche path maybe??
silverton's pretty crowded
uncle ronnie is the man
don't you dare drop that, that film cam is my baby
window shopping
i think they bought the same thing

After a kind of long jeep trail up to the falls, come around a corner and bam!!! this dog was just hangin out with us at the falls
cliffs into town

Dad, Mom, Ronnie, Sharyn
yes that's a house up on top, with a cable car
these guys rock
some ice fell of the wall as this shot was taken, it was really loud
a storm's a comin

looking back down the canyon
hoottried to shoot the trees, but got caught
love this town
kind of tight
zen master
midway st. sophia stationi was back the next weekend to mtn bike this trail
love this ride, love this town, love this... love that


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