Monday, November 2, 2009

Opening at Wolf, YoBeat article

this last saturday we went up to Wolf Creek for opening day, and i had another opportunity to write an article for YoBeat magazine. it was a really fun day, made even better by the photos and the article and hearing from everyone how cool they thought it was.

as with every article some things were cut out and some photos were dropped.

here is the article

and now here are all the photos that weren't good enough to make the final cut.

You don't have a water fall in your cabin
more like a house

mmmm tv

view in the morning

myself, cassidy barry, eric frazier. check them whips!!

Ran into Annie Henderson looking fashionable as always

scouting lines
no lines here, this isn't mammoth

oh no i'm blinded by the kids who match too much

cassidy barry and eric frazier

kinda thin

cassidy barry likes to lay 'em out

blinded by the light

view from the sidelines


matt didn't land this method but it still looks good, now just tweak it like j.lynn

eric's turns good
too many things to say about eric and wood
he's good at cliff drops too
and looking trendy
blaster olliesgeorge beforegeorge after he entered the white room
george knowles
george sprays

that's no halloween costumechuck and t-rex
trent and girl getting tanned

this started out as a good idea

this kid looked dumb before he tried to hit this wallride

michael frazier

and george jackson

i fell over trying to get a sick angle

tony front boarding his way into 3rd placebest lazy frontboard i've ever seen, matt
matt method, with woody and trav on hype dutyjudge charlie hoch

charlie hoch is the resident snowboard expert at wolf creek
charlie watching eric rody about to get 1stspectators bryan masse, george knowles, and cassidy barrythe peanut gallery
derek plant
who'd of ever thought that kid would rock airblaster?
some kid wanted it bad, but he didn't get it

andy grenhart

john 5-0 back 180 with hyppers on lockwoody got all his picks dropped from the article, cause yobeat is snowboard only. better luck next year kiddo.

after it was all said and done, i got my one footers on

john won a t-shirt for his efforts

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