Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swiss Miss

Sometime in May, Emma and I decided to day trip to Geneva again and continue on to Lausanne and Montreux. this is what happened.

We took a really early train and got into Geneva before most shops were open, this is the site 3 blocks from the train station
There was a pretty cool lighthouse and lots of birds aroundoverlooking lake geneva, on the other end from here and continuing straight past the peninsula is Montreux, or final destination

goose fishing

Pretty cool surrounding area
Waterfront in Geneva

English... french french french french french french french french. did you get that???

Emma spies a curious animal, and approaches for a closer look
yeah, um, close look
why isn't the sundial working???
this is a prime example of western/LA fashion pouring over to frenchies, a travesty, and also a prime example of french people wearing clothes with english on them with no regard for the translation, although soccer is probably better than some things i've seen on american girls.

so if you heard europe has really cool skate spots just lying around at say... a middleschool, you heard right. Lausanne head straight from the trainstation to the lake and you'll find this beauty.

Nurse ---->this way
Waterfront Lausannesweet grafitti...

...behind the wall

where you at?

more awesome lakeside public skatespotscrazy weird modern church that i thought looked like the deathstar had crashed

cool lakeside garden
Emma was creeped out, i thought they were cool
ok, maybe a little different
but awesome nontheless
the whole reason for this trip was so i could see this. the Freddie Mercury statue on the main walk in Montreux, right on the shores of lake Geneva. This is where Mercury spent most of his final years and eventually died. i'm not a fan of Queen, but FM is definitely an icon and i'm down with icons, especially gay ones who rocked in sweet outfits stoodup for so many others.

This girl is amazing
This is the reason why i came here, and after only 2 seconds standing next to the best tribute in the world to this great man, it was time to hightail it back to catch the train, drink beers, and eat french gas station food with my girl. tough life eh?

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