Saturday, August 15, 2009

ender bender

With everyone leaving around the same town, we conglomerated our going away parties into one big beach themed shindig, with plenty of family and friends in town plus the usuals, it was one to remember, or forget.
brothers, friends, we were rollin deep with americans
I decided it was time again to try to introduce the frenchies to beer pong, it went better this time
Simon and i bringing the pain
i think we were having fun
beach going folk, feeling like they're back at home

a very friendly affair
i'm pretty sure they made a bad team, i'm just gonna say si and i beat 'em
israel and mag
serenading the girls in the corner
swiss miss
pablo didn't trust me on the rules, ever
salim lording over his ladies in the corner

Hazy nights, foggy memories and plenty of fun
champions, you got nothin

anna playin dj as always
just look a their handywork!

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