Sunday, August 16, 2009

engstrom manner

The morning after the last big hoorah i had to pay a visit to the nicest girls in France and my favorite house near Chambery, a little place i like to call Engstrom Manner, a hodge-podge of little redheaded girls running around jabbering in swedish, english and french. with the comfiest couch in the world. You can thank Louise for most of these photos, as she swooped up my camera and ran around playing ansel adams, hense the lack of photos of her.what a great place to eat lunch

shortest game of fetch ever
i have a knack for catching birds on statues
i went with isabelle to see the neighbors rabbits
nice road rash kid

love this place
there she is!!! hi louise, nice of you to step to the other side of the camera
pickin cherries
the catch

i danced with chauncey

relaxin and readin

grin to win

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