Saturday, October 4, 2008


OK!! so i've been here 4 days now, things have not been smoothe but are now settling out, so good news there. i got a blanket and pillow today, sweet, so i'm not sleeping under my sweatshirts. no photos from around town yet, i've been a little lame, but i do have some of my room, which pretty much only my parents will enjoy cause they didn't know what they were paying for, roommate's name is lucas, he's a frenchie, he's never home, and i think he disappeared for the weekend



large desk and decent chair

our kitchen, one cupboard for lucas one for me, small fridge, two burner stove and a toaster

this little nook has some shelving, my sink and closet, lucas and i share une toillete and a shower

my own sink and mirror!!!! and a ??drying rack?? i'm not sure

this one got me in some trouble

this one is my favorite and i could talk about it for days

and this one is pretty radical on erik's part not mine

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Anonymous said...

sick duuuude!

the living quarters look up to par.