Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall in Chambery

okay, Anna and i took a hike over to a park where she went to school last year, it's pretty cool complete with a little mansion that doubles as a school, stable, pasture, cemetery, ?french reindeer? all sorts of rad stuff, at the same time there was about 300 kids running around for this inter-school relay challenge thing, here's what i shot
the top of the park, Anna admiring
this little church along the way
if you can tell me what this is you win a sucker
there were a bunch of horses around the stable area, this one was pretty stoked on Anna's grass pickings
hardcore haircut
no photoshopping here, not even auto levels, this tree stood out like... a really bright tree
this one does have a bit of photoshopping, and if anyone out there can tell me how to add a vignette i'd be stoked, the only way i know is right upon opening of the cf card from RAW


Anonymous said...

hardcore haircut, hahahahah

Jordan M said...

Brad, Email me and I will tell you how to add a vignette... Jordan j_mardis@yahoo.com.

Looks like you are having fun...