Thursday, September 11, 2008

San Fran

spent this last weekend in San Francisco getting my Visa, also got make a little vacation out of it, super super super way more fun than i expected it to be, saw the chinatown parade, got some classic rice candy, saw some of my own "tourist locations" i.e. famous skate spots, walked like 6 miles a day and saw some filthy hippies

touristing it up in union square

apparently someone doesn't like this guy

hyatt regent 17th floor, yeah it's restricted yeah we made it

17th floor hyatt regent has a sick view of the leftovers of Embarcadero, my favorite tourist attraction of SF up there with Pier 7

Spencer and I walkin through the fountain at Embarc

the flowers are takin over the world in San Fran

Public Fountains are great places for dry naps

fixie crew

geek squad

stairs up to coit tower + a bottle of wine we snagged from someones door at the hyatt = i'm out of breath

beaches are colder in SF


Anonymous said...

bet you fit right in with those filthy hippies....

Kelsey said...

lol @ ^

nice b-log