Monday, September 1, 2008

Walla Walla

A couple weeks ago, Jaimie Nicole Morton and I went off to Walla Walla to visit Tahlia and her new roommates Shaina and Jen. It was a fun drive, not too long and a relaxing weekend. got to visit the saturday market and see elvis, fix a bike, skate a little bit, and watch too many movies, culminating in a breakfast where i probably didn't need to buy anything i could have just cleaned up the girls' plates and still been full.

so here's a few shots i took while i was there, still learning new camera

The sunset on the drive over

a fun feeble at Walla Walla skatepark and the grasshopper

the roommates waiting for breakfast

inside the restaurant with my look of painful stuffedness after two a plate of peach crapes, a plate of strawberry crapes, left over french toast, extra bacon....

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