Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women Love Stephen

Many of you are familiar with The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert's comical presentation of the news. It's great, has been for a while now, and he even spawned a move "Man of the Year" featuring Robin Williams, based on situations like his.

Anyway, it came to my attention that my female friend Allison Haker is in love with Stephen Colbert, and after watching a recent episode, i realized he is not alone. I took this screenshot of the episode.

(Mac users!! you can take a picture of your desktop by pushing command(or apple depending on your version) + shift + 3. this will instantly save a picture of whatever your computer looks like at that moment straight to your desktop as a jpg. pretty cool)Seriously!!!! can you even see another man besides colbert and the band??

either he hand picks his audience or young politically interested girls in need of a laugh are beating each other to death to get tickets to see Colbert.

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