Saturday, March 28, 2009

There Will Always Be Something About McConkey

Yesterday I got some bad news from fellow winter enthusiast Alison Haaker <----- look look i spelled it right!!! That one of my longitme heros Shane McConkey died yesterday in Italy.

I first heard about shane from Ryan Hoyt around 2002, when he showed me the 2000 film, "There's Something About McConkey" I was instantly hooked.

Over time he became my favorotie skier for his parts in Push, his James Bond styled segment in Seven Sunny Days, and his innovations in skiing including the first reverse camber ski the volant spatula, which led the way to what has now become a storm of reverse camber snowboards.

My dream of ski-baseing with him someday, has now died with him. But McConkey will be with us forever. here are some articles and videos from this wonderful man.

ESPN Article

His Jump this year off the brand new Whistler Peak 2Peak Gondola

Bond style intro from Seven Sunny Days

Norway Windsuiting from Seven Sunny Days AMAZING if you can find in HD!!!

Some clips of There's Something About McConkey This does not do the film justice, it's the best ever

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