Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jean Jacques Rouseau

We went to Chez Jean Jacques Rouseau, if you don't know, he was a french revolutionary and philosophy writer, who apparently lived in chambery for a little bit, but when we got there we realized it was only like 8 years of his life, so whatever. cool house though, good hike, not a bad afternoon.

little gate looking through the courtyard to the house
little orchard with a bench overlooking the city
Anna gettin all stoked
the courtyard and surrounding woods
the small vineyard on the property, more for show than anything else
there was a cool little room with a bunch of quotes from famous people about Rouseau

this is the courtyard from the house, with chambery and the mountains in the background,
this little cool walkway thing
same cool little walkway thing
Anna in Rouseau's bed, there was a second mini room up top for kids and servants, pretty rad the outside of the house, not huge, not small, just right
this is Israel, he and his cousin Salim viennent de Mexique, he liked this quote

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