Monday, November 3, 2008

Around Town

So I realized there are no photos of me around Chambery and most of them are of where i am, not moi-meme, cause i don't take myspace photos that often. so i've searched out a few from friends and here they are.

hiding on the wrong side of the camera
for some reason i look angry, but i swear i'm not
Anna and I walking through the streets of Chambery, this is pretty average
One of many dinners at Simon & Sarah's, L to R Adoline(Fr), Rieko(Jap), Anna(Swed), Hilde(Nor), Moi, Alexi(Fr), Leslie(Us), Sarah(IRA, not really, but close enough), and Simon's behind the Cam
Leslie, Simon and I
Lean back, do the rocking chair

Anna's kitchen

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