Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Shop

A few weeks ago my cousin gave me some old bodies and lenses, i just picked up some adapters that let me put them on my 7d body.

these were shot with a Canon 300m f/5 and a Pentax 85mm f/1.8

the 300m is nice
mike taking the drill to a brand new trice

making executive decisions

John's Haus
pretty happy guy
dangerous ice flows
the boarding haus van
mean muggin
business call

george overlooking the with pained eyes

the 300mm shooting chapman hill from the haus, about 1 mile
this is a great example of the f/1.8's depth of field boots in focus, mo not and she's about a foot away
the guts
2607 w main st HAUS territory, we rule the block

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