Monday, April 19, 2010

Brighton Tear Down

Spent today tearing down the park with the Brighton crew. It was a long day, but a ton of fun. To all you kids hating on Brighton for (insert whatever), you can stuff it, because I've ridden mountains with no parks or a park with no crew, or a crew only on the weekends, or a lazy crew who rakes every other day. You kids have a dedicated crew that swaps features daily, builds new things throughout the season and rakes your park twice a day. You're spoiled. Be quiet.

Plus they work hard when no ones watching and put in those extra hours to make it happen.

Brighton Tear Down from brad jameson on Vimeo.


Famous Finn said...

hey little girl

Famous Finn said...
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b-rad said...

i've got little not muscley arms because i didn't raise turkeys