Saturday, March 20, 2010

32 day at Brighton

After spending my afternoon and evening helping setup this possible debacle, it was time to ride it. i took a few laps and realized hey, i should probably write about this for yobeat, so i emailed brooke greery on the hill and within 5 minutes she got back to me and said "go for it!" I LOVE PUNCTUAL PEOPLE WHO ARE EASY TO CONTACT IT MAKES LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. so i shot away and had to squeeze in my runs, thanks to brian cook for lettin me squeeze in my last run which landed me in 6th place. HOORAY! I proceeded to pretend my photo job was more important, as an excuse to not compete in the rail jam. these kids are way too good. this kid took it way too seriousy scott stevens is a ripper parker duke has too many nicknames midori oatari is the best girl i've ever snowboarded with racing her way to $300 (not $320) i'd work course maintenance too if i got to make the turns hello i am god, you may know me as Brian Cook make up your own caption, mine would be "you better be fast or i'm throwing my empty can at you for wasting my time" chris beresford also rips, look at that beautiful turn brandon hobush preparing for the overall win tuker andrews backside 5-0 tucker andrews miller flip mouse and friends this kid paid for it too parker duke switch lip parker duke front blunt reg parker duke back lip parker duke switch lip stalefish and some kid doin a wildman rodeo muga shimosato had a few close calls, but this nose slide was too legit to quit front board the down tube killin it midori is the best guest jugdes (pros) johnny miller, scott stevens and chris beresford its weird to see her bundled up and not wearing skinnies and stilettos helen wade, don't get used to that last name everest paid his dues everest arnold, cab 180 nose press dave king would have done finished higher if he knew he had made the finals and actually kept snowboarding brian cook is the master of all things 32 day brandon hobush cab 180 tail press? ben "overkill" mcgill raced to 4th and really rocks ben bilodeau had a really good shot in here, but i think i erased it, i suck
it was a sequence of this front blunt sameway 270 to 50-50, i really suck. sorry ben.

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